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(Latest update 9:November:2018)

This website shows some of the things that I find interesting and gives links to other sites which may be interesting to web browsing enthusiasts.

Well, after far too long, I finally got round to an update of sorts. Apologies for the sparsity of news

The layout now planned is to give some fairly recent updates at the top of the first page, followed by the links to other pages and then more of previous activities as a sort of intermittent blog.

Current situation: The holiday in Oz and New Zealand (and Singapore and KL) was brilliant. So we now have a dog. The weather here in UK has finally broken and the river is now a nice muddy brown.

Model Gliding
Squash & Tennis in Edinburgh
Bridge Rockdrill
Model R/C electronics
BGS subsea kit
CFB LP recording to CD
Video Transmission Methods
How to use a Samsung Galaxy Mini as a Wi-Fi hotspot

these links above won't work just yet but they show where the framework is going.