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This website is based round my interests and hobbies and stuff which you may (or may not) find interesting. Primary interests are model gliding (Vol-de-Pente) and holidays although other ideas may surface.

Latest Update: 11/October/2017

Weakly Whinge

One complaint this week:

I finally discovered why this netbook was working so badly. Between Microsoft, HP and AMD/Radeon they contrived to make Windows10 update the display driver to one that caused the PC to pause every minute or so for up to 30 seconds. No response to mouse nor key board and then after 30 minutes or so the dreaded BSOD followed by a reboot. I deleted the duff driver and rolled back to a basic Microsoft display driver from 2006 and all is now well. Some 4 weeks later all remains fine but it leaves a slightly bitter taste that those numpties at whichever company caused the problem seem totally unaware of their disastrous actions.

See http://www.pprune.org/computer-internet-issues-troubleshooting/574288-ms-windows-10-upgrade-experience-thread-7.html

Things to come:

I have just completed an altimeter for use with Multiplex R/C ‘M-Link’ which allows users of that range of model R/C equipment to view the model height on the transmitter. It is based on an Arduino and uses the built in M-Link sensor protocol.

In the next month the design, including circuit diagram and program code, should be available on the site.

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Well, just for a change here’s praise for the latest offering from Microsoft. The new Windows10 seems to operate as advertised and is significantly quicker than it’s predecessors. (OK it’s not quite as quick as DOS6.22 but it is Windows.)

I even managed to get an old (started on WindowsXP) Netbook up to Windows10 via Windows7 it worked a treat; far faster than Windows7 or even WindowsXP. Then I changed the HDD for an SSD and it worked like a new machine straight off the 2015 production line.

Unfortunately this HP netbook didn’t upgrade quite so well,  even though it’s newer, but at least it’s faster than it was.

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