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This is a sort of diary or 'blog' which I hope to amend and update as life goes on. This will be dependent on WiFi availability and the spirit moving me. It will include (sometimes) a Weakly Whinge detailing whatever has wound me up at that point. I might even upload holiday snaps now and then. Sometimes the photos will be ephemeral as I demonstrate the wonders (or otherwise) of the World Wide Web and its pitfalls.

And it may also include minor events that I have encountered on my travels

A meeting with an elephant at Beruwala

Just replaced car key mechanism for my Octavia. And it still works! However key now looks like it belongs to some sort of VW.

This year's holiday was another trip to Alnmouth. The spring tides were running so the low water revealed a colossal amount of beach. The sea haar was not very helpful. One day I walked to the station, about a mile inland, to revel in glorious sunshine, however the village was well shrouded in a dense clammy cloud of fog.


Massive Spring Tide beach with Scampi

Back in the dim and distant, early 2010's, we had a holiday at Platja de Muro in Mallorca. We stayed at the Holiday Garden hotel which was brilliant and in spite of the proximity of a partially drained swamp (local bird sanctuary) there was little mention of malaria, nor apparently any need to take preventative medecines. We didn't succumb abd the bird sanctuary was a really good place to visit. The Puig San Marti being the local hill or mountain gave a good outing with a view. This was all before universal .gpx format had arrived so forgive my slightly antiquated mapping styles.

Description of walk up Puig San Marti

We also managed a trip in the later 2010's to Australia and NZ. We got to see the cousins and I revisited Townsville. We had a campervan (ideal) for seeing NZ South Island and saw the lava caves and whole lot of Wallabies and Kangaroos at Undara in north of Townsville. We had a nice stay at Warnambool after driving the coast road along from Melbourne. It was a wonderful example of non-touristed Australia and the City Motel gave an excellent night's lodgings.

The 12 (some fell over) Apostles

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